9 Best AI Music Generators For Creative Inspiration


4/25/20238 min read

Best AI Music Generator
Best AI Music Generator

Our curated list with the 9 Best AI Music Generators ever created.

Are you ready to take your music creation to the next level with the latest AI-powered tools? Look no further! In this article, we've curated the 9 best AI music generators that are sure to ignite your creativity and help you compose unique tunes like never before.

Whether you're a music enthusiast, a seasoned musician, or just exploring new ways to express yourself, these cutting-edge tools are here to inspire and revolutionize your music-making process.

Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey of music exploration as we delve into the world of AI music generators and unlock the limitless possibilities they offer.

So, grab your headphones and let's dive into the future of music composition with these amazing and revolutionary AI-powered tools!


AIVA, which stands for "Artificial Intelligence Virtual Artist," is a software platform that uses deep learning algorithms to compose original music tracks.

Unlike many other AI music generators, AIVA focuses on the music theory aspect of music creation. It analyzes and learns from a vast database of music, enabling it to extrapolate data and create original music pieces in various styles and genres.

To create music with AIVA, you input your preferences into the AI, such as the tempo, mood, genre, and other parameters, and AIVA uses its algorithms to compose a piece of music based on your input. The resulting track is separated into different instrument tracks, which can be edited or exported into a MIDI file to use with your own samples.

AIVA has a clean and intuitive interface, with features that make it suitable for both seasoned composers and those with no background in music theory or production.

It offers a full-fledged integrated editor that functions like a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), where you can edit MIDI tracks and apply various effects to the generated track.

AIVA also features an achievement window, making it a gamified experience, and its own radio, which plays AI-generated pieces.

What is AIVA
What is AIVA
  • Free (€0)

  • Standard (€15/month)

  • Pro (€49/month)

2. Soundraw

Soundraw is an easy-to-use AI music generator that simplifies the process of creating original and royalty-free music for various creative projects.

Its interface is reminiscent of other stock audio music services, but it stands out from them by offering dozens of variations of a song that can be customized to fit specific needs.

Soundraw's AI algorithms analyze a vast database of musical patterns and structures based on user preferences, allowing users to select the mood, genre, theme, length, tempo, and instruments to generate custom compositions.

Soundraw also allows for music editing, with a fun and simple to ease "sound blocks system" where users can remove or change the intensity of different sections of the song to design the progression that best fits their project.

It also features a Pro mode with additional depth and options for more advanced users who want further customization.

Soundraw stands out for its simplicity, being a powerful tool for content creators, music producers, video editors, podcasters, and game developers looking for efficient and customizable AI-generated music for their projects.

Soundraw AI
Soundraw AI
  • Free (€0)

  • Personal (€19.99/month)

3. Mubert

Mubert AI is a music generation tool that also uses artificial intelligence to create custom music streams tailored to your preferences.

Just like Soundraw, Mubert AI uses a vast dataset of music and customer feedback to generate high-quality original songs and then presenting it with an audio stock service interface.

Most of the things said about Soundraw, can be said about Mubert as they are basically offering the same kind of service and coming from very similar angles, making Soundraw and Mubert the "Microsoft and Apple of AI Music Generation".

While Soundraw offers more customization with its editing features and Pro mode, Mubert stands out by offering different products like "Mubert Studio" where you can earn money with your tracks and samples in collaboration with its AI system and "Mubert Play" where you can listen to some AI-generated music, carefully calculated my Mubert's smart algorithms to fit your musical tastes.

It also offers a mobile app, so you can experiment and listen to AI-generated music on the go.

  • Ambassador ($0)

  • Creator ($14/month)

  • Pro ($39/month)

  • Business($199/month)

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Mubert Interface
Mubert Interface

4. Musenet (OpenAI)

From the same creators of ChatGPT, MuseNet is an exciting AI music generator that allows musicians and non-musicians alike to compose music.

It functions with a simple interface that features a MIDI grid, and has two modes: simple and advanced.

In simple mode, you can choose a composer or style, an optional start of a famous piece, and start generating random samples.

In advanced mode, you can interact with the model directly and create an entirely new piece, although it could take a bit longer for the completions.

One of the most unique features of MuseNet is its ability to generate music in the style of various composers and bands, such as Chopin for example.

It also has a visual interface that shows how different composers and styles relate to each other using a 2-D map.

MuseNet has some limitations, such as the instruments you ask for being interpreted as suggestions rather than requirements, and it may have difficulty with odd pairings of styles and instruments.

While it used to be previously available to the public and available to use, it is (at the time of writing this article) not available, but still deserves a spot on this list.

Musenet Composition
Musenet Composition
  • Currently not available

5. Riffusion

Riffusion is a groundbreaking neural network developed by Seth Forsgren and Hayk Martiros that generates music using images of sound instead of audio.

It is basically a fine-tuned version of Stable Diffusion, a very recognized open-source model for generating images from text prompts, but applied to spectrograms. Riffusion uses the same principles of image generation from Stable Diffusion, but focused on interpolation and looping of images. The generated images are then processed through a process called "Short-time Fourier transform" to extrapolate the information into audio waves, resulting in music.

While technical jargon sounds a little bit intimidating, the tool itself is ridiculously easy to use.

You don't have to create any account to try it, and all you need to is literally open the website and start prompting right away.

You can also use the random prompt button for suggestions. The interface is very simple and straightforward, with options to play, share, and adjust settings such as seed image and denoising.

  • 100% Free-to-use

6. MusicLM

MusicLM is an AI-powered music generator tool developed by another known: Google

Just like many of the other AI music generators on this list it can turn text descriptions into music, but it stands out by going a step further and letting the user whistle or hum a melody for the AI to follow.

MusicLM works by analyzing the text for musical attributes such as tempo, melody, rhythm, and harmony, and uses a hierarchical sequence-to-sequence modeling technique to generate the music

This model is already capable of many interesting things, like for example "Painting Caption Conditioning" where it turns descriptions of paintings into audio interpretations, potentially allowing us to hear images.

MusicLM is still in research phase, but there is already a research paper available online with some samples available to listen.

MusicLM Painting Conditioning
MusicLM Painting Conditioning
  • Currently not available

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6. Songen

Songen is a fast and efficient iOS AI music generator designed for music enthusiasts and professionals.

Its sleek interface and rich features open up a world of creative possibilities.

It offers over 40 genres, regularly updated for continuous creativity. It allows effortless export in various formats, a user-friendly interface resembling a DAW, manual control for key and tempo, diverse instrument selection, and advanced editing options.

Songen is not just an AI music generator; it's a creative companion for crafting unique musical experiences. With a balance of user-friendly design and advanced features, Songen invites users to explore infinite melodies through its intuitive AI music generator.

Songen Ai Music Generator
Songen Ai Music Generator
  • Freemium (Lifetime)

  • Premium ( $9,99/Month or $89,99/Year )

7. Beatoven

With its clever name combining ("Beethoven" + "Beat"), Beatoven is another great AI music generator that promises to simplify the process of music creation.

One of the coolest things about Beatoven, is the fact it is trained through the contributions of many real artists, making it one of the most transparent and ethical AI music creators in the market right now.

Beatoven offers 8 different genres to choose from as well as 16 different moods, so you can easily match the music to the tone and theme of your content.

It then allows you to make cuts and adjustments, giving a familiar feel to other simple music editors, like Audacity and Ableton.

Whether you need an upbeat track for a travel vlog, a soothing melody for a meditation podcast, or a catchy tune for a promotional video, Beatoven.ai has enough features to fill those needs.

beatoven ai
beatoven ai
  • Basic (Free)

  • Pro($20/month) for 2 users

  • Discounted prices for more users

8. Melobytes

Melobytes is more than an AI Music Generator. Melobytes is a huge Artificial Intelligence playground where you can experiment using AI in dozens of different ways.

This website features tons of different apps you can play around with, from random story generators and crossword solvers powered by AI to different kinds of music generators with different functions.

Melobytes features a whole section just for music composition with tools like: "Drawing to Music", "Movie Music Maker" and "Text to rap song", just to name a few.

It also has a MIDI section capable of making different file conversions using MIDI and a section where you can create Algorithmic Music and lyrics.

It has so many features that it could warrant a 5000 words article just to scratch the surface, so we urge everyone to try and explore this amazing tool by themselves, while we work on that article.

Melobytes apps
Melobytes apps
  • Free (€0)

  • 7-day Pass (€9.90)

  • 1 Month (€13.90)

  • 1 Year (€49.90)

9. Ecrett

Just like Soundraw and Mubert, Ecrett Music is a cutting-edge AI-powered music generator that allows users to create unique royalty-free music, soundscapes, and sound effects.

It has an intuitive interface and a vast library of sounds, instruments, and effects, and like Soundraw, it features an easy-to-use editor that is perfect for musicians, sound designers, and creative individuals of all skill levels.

Easily mix and match different elements to craft your own music, and search for sounds and instruments by genre, mood, or key.

It also one of the cheapest solutions in the market, making it an easy choice for any content creator that needs royalty free music without breaking the bank.

Ecrett Interface
Ecrett Interface
  • Free ($0)

  • Individual ($4.99)

  • Business ( $14.99)

Honorable Mentions

While we've explored some of the top AI music generators in this article, it's important to note that the field of AI music generation is rapidly evolving.

New players are constantly emerging, bringing fresh innovations and approaches to the table.

So we will be gradually adding more AI Music Generators for you to check out.

Here are a few honorable mentions that deserve recognition:


A new AI Tool capable of generating music based on a text prompt. It is both easy and straight-forward to use.

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