Songen Review: An AI Co-Producer at Your Fingertips


11/28/20235 min read

Songen Ai Music Generator Review
Songen Ai Music Generator Review

In this post, we take a deep look into one of the fastest and most reliable AI Royalty-Free Music Generators you can find in Apple's App Store: Songen

Discover a symphony of possibilities with Songen, an awesome AI music generator available on the iOS Apple Store.

Tailored for both music enthusiasts and professionals, Songen stands out as a versatile and user-friendly tool.

Let's delve into its features and sleek interface, unlocking a world of creative potential for users of all skill levels.

What is Songen?

Songen is a hassle-free, easy-to-use AI music generator that doesn't just create music; it crafts an experience.

It is, in its essence, a free tool available for Apple devices that offers its users a fun and easy way to generate ideas for new songs.

With a vast range of features and a sleek interface, Songen opens up a world of musical possibilities for users across all skill levels, offering every Musician and Producer of all skill levels a way of generating music that feels both rewarding and inspiring.

Songen serves as an AI Co-Producer, effortlessly crafting and reproducing original royalty-free songs in real-time. It tailors its creations based on the parameters you provide, allowing you to guide the process as much or as little as you'd like.

What does Songen offer?

To truly grasp Songen's capabilities, we've dived deep, testing every feature it has to offer.

In our book, there are two crucial factors for evaluating any AI-Generator Tool: Experience and Features

So, let's fasten our seatbelts because we're about to unravel all the fantastic things Songen brings to the table!


When diving into a new Production Tool, it's common to be hit with questions like: 'Where do I start?' or 'What can I do?' or even 'How does this even work?' Yet, when we cracked open Songen's app for the first time, we were greeted with a pleasant surprise – everything looked remarkably clean and intuitive.

At the very forefront of Songen lies the gateway to creativity – the option to effortlessly create and listen to a new song.

This not only caught our attention but also significantly minimized the learning curve. The intuitive interface, reminiscent of a digital audio workstation, provides a visual roadmap for users.

Navigating Songen's musical landscape is like stepping into familiar territory. With a horizontal grid displaying active tracks, akin to the layout of a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), providing a visual journey through the layers of your composition.

On the flip side, a vertical grid unfolds, showcasing the live notes being played – a symphony in motion, reminiscent of a MIDI player.

This dual-grid visual representation not only adds a touch of familiarity for seasoned musicians but also serves as an intuitive guide for newcomers.

"Everything is a couple of finger taps away"

While the app's simplicity may suggest a lack of options, it's a deceiving first impression.

Songen's user-friendly interface conceals a wealth of features and customization possibilities, accommodating both beginners and seasoned musicians with its depth.

Songen incorporates subtle yet intriguing design choices, presenting a simplicity that caters to beginners, sparing them from overwhelming technical details while simultaneously inviting experts to delve deeper seamlessly, ensuring a harmonious experience for users across all expertise levels.

Once you're in the driver's seat, you realize that the level of control you have over your composition is pretty mind-blowing. The app offers a diverse range of parameters, allowing you to customize your song according to your preferences.


Diverse Music Genres:

Songen boasts an impressive and varied repertoire of over 40 music genres, ranging from the rhythmic beats of Afrobeats to the laid-back vibes of Westcoast Rap.

Songen's app caters to even the most niche and indie music tastes, ensuring that you have a solid chance of discovering and enjoying your preferred genres.

Regular updates introduce fresh genres, providing a dynamic and ever-expanding canvas for musical exploration.

Songen Music Genres
Songen Music Genres
Key and Tempo:

This is usually your "Bread and Butter" of music composition.

With a single swipe (From the Player Menu) you can manually adjust the Key and BPM of the song to your hearts content.

The ability to load a sample and leverage Songen's AI to enhance it adds a unique touch to the creative journey.

Songen how to change key and tempo
Songen how to change key and tempo
Export Options:

Users can effortlessly export their song compositions in various formats:

  • .m4a

  • .WAV

  • MIDI

We consider the option to export files in MIDI format to be a standout feature, particularly beneficial for advanced users.

This functionality opens up a world of possibilities, enabling seamless integration with our preferred Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).

It provided us the flexibility to continue refining and expanding our musical creations beyond the confines of the Songen app, showcasing its versatility for more intricate and personalized projects.

Advanced Editing Options:

Songen's advanced editor is like finding a secret passageway in the app, revealing a whole new world of possibilities.

Imagine it as your personal workshop for music creation, where you can tweak settings like groove to add that perfect touch of uniqueness.

You can dive into the details, sculpting each part of your song just the way you like it.

The intuitive mixing option feels like having a trusted co-producer by your side, giving you the reins to adjust track levels and loudness.

It's not just an editor; it's your creative hideout, inviting you to shape your music in a way that feels truly yours.

(A sneak peek of some of the features.)

Is Songen Worth it?


Songen is, with no doubt, a standout in the world of AI music generators, offering both user-friendly design and advanced features.

With over 40 genres and an intuitive interface resembling a DAW, Songen caters to both beginners and seasoned musicians.

The advanced editor, equipped with settings like groove and individual part editing, elevates the creative experience in a way that is intuitive and fun to play around.

The ability to export in MIDI format opens doors for more advanced users, allowing seamless integration with preferred DAWs for further refinement and expansion of musical creations.

Songen's App is available in Apple's App store and its Free plan allows you to try every feature.

Ready to unlock your musical potential? Give Songen a try today and let your creativity flourish!