Output Arcade: A Must-Have Tool for Music Producers - Review


2/7/20232 min read

Output Arcade Review
Output Arcade Review

In this blog post, we'll take a look at one of the newest and most fun tools available to use for music producers, sound designers, and composers. Let's take a look at Output Arcade 2.0!

Say goodbye to writer's block and hello to endless creative possibilities with Output Arcade.

Output Arcade is more than just a tool for music production, it's a gateway to endless creative possibilities.

Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, this software is designed to help you unlock your full potential as a musician, and make the process of creating new music more enjoyable, streamlined and overall less frustrating.


Let's begin by taking a look on what this software is:

Arcade is a well-respected sample-based music creation software that has helped many musicians, both amateur and professional, to make hit songs.

It has been used by huge names in the music industry, just to name a few:

  • Kendrick Lamar

  • Bjork

  • Justin Timberlake

  • Rihanna

  • Coldplay

  • Drake

  • Imagine Dragons

This versatile tool has also been used to create some well-known soundtracks for popular movies and Tv Shows like: Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, and Black Panther.

It is developed by the company "Output" since 2013, and it has been constantly evolving and being updated with new functions and sample libraries ever since.

It is often compared to other well-known services like Splice, which is also a monthly subscription service that provides samples and instrumental loops for music creation. However, Arcade Output stands out for being a lot more than a simple library.

What is Output Arcade?

Arcade Output functions in its own unique way, by being both a sample library and a virtual instrument plugin that you implement in your DAW that functions like a Loop Synthetizer full of editing and sound designs tools, which you can play around with, making it a "one man army" you can rely on to fulfill most of your music making needs.

The best way to know what Output Arcade is, and how much it offers, is by trying it yourself and exploring to its full potential. But before you make the decision, here is an introduction to what you can expect from your experience with Arcade Output:

Fast and Easy Installation:

One of the first things you'll notice about Arcade Output is how easy it is to get up and running. The software, with only a little more than 1GB of required space, can be installed quickly and easily, you can use it either independently as Standalone application, or as a plugin in your DAW of choice , it all gets ready to use after installation so you can get started creating your music right away.

Intuitive and User-Friendly Interface:

The interface of Arcade Output is intuitive and really well organized, making it easy and straight forward for even those new to music production to navigate and understand. The only thing that will make you "lose" more time is navigating through the thousands of sound banks while exploring the gigantic library of samples. Everything is always ready to preview and download.

When you open Arcade Output, you will be greeted with a clean and visually appealing browser (Browser View) which currently has 4 options:

Home page:

A home screen, introducing you to the latest updates, and presenting with some recommendations based on your personal activity and genres to make it is easy to get in the groove.

Home Page Output Arcade
Home Page Output Arcade
Search Output Arcade
Search Output Arcade
Lines Output Arcade
Lines Output Arcade
Your Stuff Output Arcade
Your Stuff Output Arcade
Down Time Sample Kit Output Arcade
Down Time Sample Kit Output Arcade
Toys Note Kit Output Arcade
Toys Note Kit Output Arcade

Is it worth it?

Now that we've explored the ins and out of Output Arcade, it's time to take into account how much this tool is really worth.

Its value for each person might vary, and the best way to know if it's worth it for you, is either by trying it or by asking the right questions and deciding based on the answers:

How much does Output Arcade cost?

It costs 10 USD/EUR per month. (Or 99 USD/EUR per year)

Output Arcade excels in it's simplicity, and this also applies to its pricing. There are no subscription tiers, credits system or upsells.

You pay 10$ (or 10€ based on your demographic) per month and get unlimited access to everything without any shady business tactics.

Can i use Output Arcade for commercial uses?


You are highly encouraged to use Output Arcade as a tool to make your workflow easier and use it in any way you see fit.

Can i still use the samples in my projects regardless of being subscribed?


While you won't be able to edit unless you renew your subscription, all your work will still be there and ready to be played back and used freely.

Does Output Arcade offer a free trial?


The best way to know if Output Arcade is worth it, is by actually trying it and tinkering around with it.

You can use Output Arcade for free for 30 days, with no strings attached.


Our Opinion

Arcade Output is not only an innovative and powerful music creation tool that can help you unlock your full creative potential, but also a really fun and different way to make music.

With its fast and easy installation, intuitive interface, neatly organized sound banks, advanced functionality, as well as a very simplistic and cheap pricing model, it's the perfect tool for musicians, producers, and composers of all skill levels.

So why wait?

Download Arcade Output today and start creating your next hit song!


Each one of the kits has its own tweak menu, giving you a complete freedom to edit and modulate the already endless array of options.

Some of the tweaking features include:

  • Filters (EQ, Compressor, etc)

  • Playback Speed

  • FX

  • Modulation (Like step sequencing and LFO

  • Macros

  • Arpeggiator

(The list goes on and on)

The diversity of options and tools you have available, makes Output Arcade one of the most complete tools available in the market.

Regular Updates:

It is worth noting that Arcade Output team is constantly updating and improving their software, as well as adding new sample and note kits ensuring that it stays current and relevant to the ever-evolving music industry.

Each Kit is full of flavor and personality, having its own unique background design, and 4 different sliders you can play around to change the characteristics of the sound.

Note Kits:

Note Kits are your traditional instrument VST. You can freely compose and play like a piano, preferably using a MIDI controller.

The keys are velocity sensitive, and like the sample kits, you have 4 signature sliders available.

Features and Functionality:

After choosing and downloading your kit, you will get straight to "Play View" and be ready to start having fun.

You have 2 types of playable content, in which you can you user your MIDI or PC Keyboard to play around:

Sampler Kits:

Sampler Kits are a themed compilation of samples, ready to be played and recorded.

You can activate each sample by holding the corresponding white key, and use the black keys as modifiers. You can use them while recording, and do live performances.

These modifiers have different functions, such as: Repeat, Reverse, Warp, Rearrange and more.

The samples are automatically synchronized to your DAW's tempo (BPM), and you can also change pitch and tonality on the fly.

Your Stuff:

This is your "personal space". In here you'll find every Pack and Sample you've previously downloaded. You can also save them as favorites, or even create your own.

Everything is neatly organized, making this the go-to place when you've already used Arcade for a while and want to jump straight to action and use what you know best.


Works very similarly to the search option, but it is more dedicated to finding specific sound kits that contain the same kind of samples and sounds (Which Arcade brands as "Lines").

It is the best place to go when you want to find something more specific and tweak it yourself.


This is probably the place you will spend most of your time, browsing through the vast sea of options.

Here you'll be able to search for every Sampler Kit, Note Kit (Instrument) and sample available.

You can be very creative with your searches, and look for specific moods or settings, and there will be a good chance there is something to fit your needs. You can also filter your search by Instrument, Genres, BPM, and much more.