Get DistroKid at the LOWEST PRICE - Discount and Deals


5/23/20234 min read

In this article we offer a 7% Discount on your first year of Distrokid. We also answer some frequently asked questions.

As an aspiring musician or artist, getting your music out into the world is a crucial step towards achieving your goals.

One platform that has gained immense popularity among independent artists is DistroKid.

Not only does DistroKid offer an easy-to-use music distribution service, but they also provide attractive discounts and deals that can significantly reduce your expenses.

In this blog post, we'll explore the discounts and offers available with DistroKid, helping you make the most of your music distribution journey without breaking the bank.

This article is meant as an easy way to get your discount code, and get some final questions answered.

If you were looking for a full review, or a pricing guide on DistroKid, we also got you covered:

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Now, let us proceed, shall we?

How to get a discount at DistroKid?

Getting a discount in DistroKid is as easy as "easy" can be.

If you clicked the green "Claim Your Discount Here" button at the top of this article... That's it! You already claimed your discount!

In case you didn't here is another simple step-to-step guide:

  1. Go to DistroKid's Website through this special Link.

  2. Register to DistroKid's services exactly as you would without the code. The promotion will be automatically applied.

As you can see, it is straight-forward to the point that i barely need to make a guide about it.

Unlike many other services where you have to get a special code to apply at checkout, with DistroKid you only have to click a link before registration to have the discount automatically applied.

After clicking any of the discount links, you will receive a small notification on the top of DistroKid's Website that looks like this:

DistroKid 7% Discount
DistroKid 7% Discount

If you got that notification, you can rest assured the Discount is working and proceed with your registration, which is also as easy as filling a couple of text boxes, or even using your social media accounts in the following form:

DistroKid Registration and Discount
DistroKid Registration and Discount

How much does DistroKid cost?

DistroKid offers several subscription tiers with different options and add-ons which you can choose from.

There are a lot of things to take into consideration when choosing the best plan to fit your needs, in which case we encourage you to read our full Pricing guide!

Here is a summarized overview of the prices:

  1. Musician Plan: $22.99/year ($1.92 per month): The Musician plan is the most basic option available. With this plan, you can upload unlimited songs and lyrics, retain 100% of your earnings, and receive basic support. Additionally, you'll gain a verified checkmark on your Spotify artist profile. It's a cost-effective choice for independent musicians who want to distribute their music widely and earn royalties.

  2. Musician Plus Plan: $39.99/year ($3.33 per month): The Musician Plus plan offers more features and flexibility. In addition to everything included in the Musician plan, you can upload music to two artist names, customize your label name, release date, pre-order date, and iTunes pricing. You'll also enjoy access to synced lyrics for Instagram and daily sales stats. Compared to the Musician plan, the Musician Plus plan saves you 15% on the annual subscription fee, making it a worthwhile upgrade for additional customization options.

  3. Ultimate Plan: Starting at $89.99/year ($7.50 per month): Designed for those interested in starting a record label or managing multiple artists, the Ultimate plan provides comprehensive features. Starting at $89.99 per year for up to five artists, this plan includes all the benefits of the Musician Plus plan, with added perks specifically tailored for labels. You can upload music for 5 to 100 artists, depending on your needs. The Ultimate plan offers substantial savings, with discounts of up to 40% compared to the Musician Plus plan, depending on the number of artists you manage. Take advantage of features such as synced lyrics for Instagram, daily sales stats, and customizable label name, release date, pre-order date, and iTunes pricing.

Applying the 7% Discount: After factoring in the available 7% discount offered by DistroKid, the prices for each plan become even more appealing. Here's the adjusted pricing for each plan with the discount applied:

  • Musician Plan: $21.38/year ($1.78 per month)

  • Musician Plus Plan: $37.19/year ($3.10 per month)

  • Ultimate Plan (5 artists): $83.69/year ($6.97 per month)

Remember, the 7% discount allows you to enjoy even more cost savings on your chosen DistroKid subscription.

Does DistroKid pay 100%?

Yes, DistroKid pays 100% of the earnings to the musicians or artists who use their service.

Unlike some other music distribution platforms that take a percentage of the earnings, DistroKid does not retain any portion of the revenue generated by your music.

This means that you will receive the full amount of royalties and earnings from your streams and downloads.

DistroKid's transparent and artist-friendly approach ensures that musicians can keep the maximum amount of their earnings, allowing them to benefit fully from their hard work and creativity.

How much does distrokid pay per 1,000 streams?

On average, artists can expect to earn between $0.003 and $0.0084 per stream.

These rates are influenced by factors such as the streaming platform, geographical location, subscription type, and the specific agreements between DistroKid and each platform.

It should be kept in mind that these payout rates are subject to change, so it's vital to stay informed about the latest figures. Streaming platforms often provide details on their websites or within DistroKid's documentation regarding how royalties are calculated and paid out.